WHO WE AREThe Belize Bureau of Standards is a Government Department, which was formally established in 1992 by the Standards Act Chapter 295 of the Substantive Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000-2003. The Bureau is the national standards body responsible for the preparation, promotion and implementation of standards in relation to goods, services, and processes.

The Bureau’s modus operandi is guided by its overall legislative mandates, the policy of government and the administrative direction of the Standards Advisory Council (SAC). The Bureau also operates in accordance with:

  • The World Trade Organisation Technical Barrier to Trade Agreement (WTO/TBT); and
  • The CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ).

Additionally, the BBS is responsible for the administration of the Metrology Act, the Consumer Protection Unit and the Supplies Control Unit. The Metrology legislation gives the BBS responsibility for regulating all weighing and measuring devices used for trade in Belize. The Supplies Control Unit gives the Unit the responsibility of managing the import/export licensing regime and to monitor and enforce the price controlled/price regulated goods. The Consumer Protection Unit currently operates without an established legislative framework, however, is responsible for safeguarding the health, safety and life of Belizean consumers.