What We Do

The Belize Bureau of Standards is responsible for the activities of Standards, Metrology, Consumer Protection and Supplies Control.

The Functions of the Units are as follows:


Standards Unit

• Preparation of National Standards
• Promote the adoption and application of National Standards
• Monitor the quality of foreign and locally manufactured products
• Promote quality control
• Disseminate information on Standards


Metrology Unit

• Inspection and Verification of both Commercial and Industrial Scales
• Inspection and Verification of Fuel Pumps
• Verification of prepackaged goods
• Inspection and Verification of LPG Scales


Consumer Protection Unit

• To investigate and obtain redress for consumer complaints;
• To provide advice to consumers regarding prices, quality, and safe use of products   and services through the dissemination of information as it relates to Standards, Metrology and Consumer Rights and Responsibilities;
• To undertake education outreach program in schools, trade shows and communities with the aim of building consumer confidence and empowerment; and
• To carry out inspection of price control and price regulated goods

Supplies Control Unit

• Processing of Import/Export Licensing
• Monitoring and Enforcing of Price Controlled/Price Regulated Goods